Alpaca Herd Management Software designed for networks. This easy to use software allows more than one user at a time and can be accessed from almost anywhere.
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Version 2.6 Additions
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Alpaca Herd Management Software
Animal Fecal Testing
Fecal testing is an important tool in your herd health. It can range in detail, depending on the methods used for preparing the test and evaluating the results. Now Herdware Remote gives you the tools needed to store detailed test results, Parasite information, treatment levels, and recommended medications.
When you have a history built up in your data, you can also check your individual animal's health over time, or the general health of your tested herd. You can view graphs that show the effectiveness of your medical treatments or tell you when to treat.
Copy Animal Medical Records
Herdware Remote allows you to put several animals into Groups to simplify scheduled events for the animals in the Group. The only catch is that where medical records are concerned, you want each animal to have a complete record of all that was done to it individually, and as part of a Group.
Now there is a tool in place to allow you to easily take a medical record from an animal and copy it to the other animals in a Group, keeping the animal's individual records accurate and complete.
Medication Dosage Report
When giving perodic shots to your heard for general health, worming, or other medical treatment, there is now a report that can give you a list of animals, the medicine to use and the specific dosage for each animal even if the dosage is based on the animal's weight.
Herd Management software that allows for multiple users and remote access.
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